This is the beginning, I needed something to do to distract me from the fact that another BGGcon is here and I am not there. So it was a good game night on Monday, we had 6 people show up to play and we managed to play four games over the evening. Started out playing Five Tribes, three new players and me. My only experience with this one prior is with two players and that other player for all those plays is Gabby(age 10). So it's a bit different playing with three other adults. The game can definitely "suffer" from some AP issues with more players and it even hit me a bit in the middle when I wasn't going first. Every move can affect the next move and that can cause some issues to players, but there are so many ways to score points it really shouldn't bog down the game as much as it seems to do. Anxious to see if it stays that way or speeds up with repeated plays by the other players. Really fun game though and can definitely be considered a stepping stone to get folks from Ticket to Ride to other games that up the strategy.

After playing Five Tribes we hopped into a hand of Abluxxen(aka Linko!). One of the other players had played before and this game is an easy teach, the playing is the hard part. In Abluxxen, the object of the game is to get rid of the cards in your hand in front of you before everyone else. Each card played in front of you is worth one point and negative one point in your hand. Game is played simply, on your turn you play a card or any number of cards of the same number in front of you. You then compare what you played to the rest of the cards in front of everyone else and if you have played the same number of cards and a higher card you can either take those cards from your opponent into your hand or tell your opponent to pick them up, which then they get to decide if they want them in their hand or they can discard them and draw new cards up to the number of cards they had to discard. That's it, that's the game. I believe our winner this time at 22 points with second place having 11, with me at 3 and last place had 1 point. Really interesting card game that can have numerous different strategies in play.

Lastly we finished off the night with a couple games of Ca$h n Gun$. My previous game of CnG was a disappointment, people felt uncomfortable pointing guns at certain people so the game became a "pick on the one person who was playing the game" game, and that person was me. This time around though the five of us actually played the game to win. There were deals made, there were deals broken, there was trash talk and there were guns pointed at each other sideways, in other words, the game can be a lot of fun.

That was Monday, let's see what the rest of the week brings.

This blog will be a work in progress, possibly accompanied by weekly podcast/podblasts of me rambling a short while on what I played, or what I want to play, or what I want to buy. Hopefully folks enjoy it. Feel free to let me know what you think anytime!

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Week 2!