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Doodle Quest I picked up Doodle Quest on a whim thinking that it would be a game that AnnaBeth, our 5 year old would be interested in playing and I was kind of right. In Doodle Quest 2 to 4 players have a transparent “doodle” sheet and a dry erase marker. In the middle of the table there is going to be a Quest Card. What the players are trying to do is draw on their transparent sheets to complete the challenge listed on the Quest card, this could be drawing a line from one point to another point, or drawing fish on the transparent sheet. But the catch is, you will be drawing on the transparent sheet and then comparing your transparency to the quest card, hoping that your drawings stayed inside the boundaries set on the quest card and then scored. You do this six times and total scores to see who the winner is. Now, why I say I was kind of right is the fact that AnnaBeth didn’t want to finish the game on her own, the last 2 drawings she asked for help with, but even then I think she had a good time playing it, but since then I have caught her with the box and she just wants to draw on the transparent sheets and if I offer to play the game with her she doesn’t want to. Gabby, Kerensa and I had a fantastic time playing it, and I hope that Blue Orange does support it and get some more Quest sheets out to folks as they only give you 20 in the box, but at least they are double sided, with one side being the “easier” side.

Dungeon Raiders I received Dungeon Raiders for a review, so I am going to keep this brief as we’ve only played it twice so far this week, once with 3 players and once with 4 players and I want to give a full review that folks will want to read in the near future. But Dungeon Raiders is a 3-5 player game where a group of heroes is going into a dungeon to see who comes out the richest. In the dungeon are monsters and traps, but also there are treasures to be found. You play the game over 5 rounds, each round starting with 5 cards of the dungeon floor and 5 cards in your hand numbered from 1-5. Each card can be played exactly one time per floor. End of the game offers a twist, ala High Society where the player with the least amount of health left is eliminated immediately, no matter how much loot treasure they have. As I said, I’ll be doing a review of this one in the near future after a couple more plays, but so far I have enjoyed it, it’s quick and easy to play and does offer some fairly stressful decisions to be made and can definitely be a bit cut throat.

Star Realms Played a best of 3 series with my Brother in Law while we were sitting around at CogCon in Rolla Missouri on Saturday. He had never played and I had been trying to get him to at least pick up the app to play, but he had managed to not do that yet. Meanwhile, I’ve logged around 400 plays online and only a handful face to face, so on Friday I picked up the Star Realms box that comes with sleeves and a promo along with 3 of the 4 expansion packs, Heroes wasn’t available at the store. I dig this quick head to head deck builder, it’s a lot of fun and I ended up winning the best of three 2 games to 1, so maybe luck of the draw isn’t as bad as I always say it is. On the plus side, he went out and picked up the App as well and has challenged me to a couple games so that’s cool too. He is thexphiler online, so shoot him a challenge if you want, I don’t know if he’ll accept or not, he’s relatively busy through the day and also into the evening with a 10 month old, but it couldn’t hurt to try. Oh, and you can feel free to challenge me as well, I’m VacaBCK on Star Realms as well. I promise to only help your winning percentage. While I have played over 400 games, I’ve never managed to get my level past 8 and I’ve been stuck at Level 5 here recently for a month or so, I can’t string together a streak of wins to save my life. But I’ll keep trying.

Steam Torpedo Steam Torpedo is a 2 player game of Submarine combat that should be about 30 minutes a game. At the start of the game each player “builds” his submarine using ten tiles that represent different compartments of the sub. They are shield rooms, weapons rooms or engine rooms. During the game the players control 4 crewmen and a captain and they move them around the sub to activate different tiles, kind of in a worker placement style. In between the players is a submarine standee that acts as a model for your ship movement. The player who destroys the other ships control room or eliminates all opposing crew members wins the game. For a simple two player combat game this rule book left me with a bit of a headache, but I think we made it through a game for the most part with Brad winning. The directions gave us a hard time at first but we got used to the fore and aft. I think if we sat down and played it again it would definitely fit in the allotted 30 minutes and I hope I get the chance soon, it has possibilities, but with only the 20 tiles in the base game, you aren’t going to get a whole lot of variety. The game does seem to already have an expansion out, but I couldn’t pick it up when I bought the base game.

Volt We also played a couple more games of Volt on Saturday while at Cog Con. Sunday also saw us get in a fun filled game of 4 players and introduced it to Gabby and Josh. Everyone was having a fun time destroying each other’s robots and Gabby had the game won when she was the last player on the board and thought she had the movement picked correctly to land on the tile but she miscounted allowing everyone one more round and Josh managed to pull off the victory. Fun game, and I think it’ll keep getting plays around here, especially when we introduce all the extra modules into the game.

Aton Kerensa and I sat down to our Sunday night two player game and I pulled Aton off the shelf and cleaned all the dust off it, it’d been since August 2013 since we had last played it. Aton is an area control game that uses hand management to drive the game. Each player has a deck of cards in their hand, cards are numbered 1-4. To start a round you each draw 4 of those cards and then assign them to one of four different Cartouches. Each of those cartouches offer different abilities to the players, the first one gives victory points to whoever plays the highest valued card, the second one determines order of play and how many counters are to be removed by the players. The third one determines which temples can have the counters removed from them or placed in them and the fourth cartouche indicates the number of counters the player can place. There are four temples on the board and each one of them scores differently and scoring rounds are triggered when the Kingdom of the Dead is filled with 8 removed counters. The game keeps going until either one player reaches 40 points or own all of any temple or all of yellow or all of green. It’s a quick paced game, and I kind of enjoy it, but given how soundly I was beaten this week, I may not completely understand it, but let’s hope it doesn’t get as much dust on it before plays this next time, it’s a game that deserves to be played a bit more than it has been around here, I believe this one was acquired in May of 2013 off the Geekway trade table if I am not mistaken. If you like games that are strictly two player and enjoy some area control you might give this one a look, especially at the price, if you can find it.

Terra Mystica This week saw the start of season 6 of the Terra Mystica league in which I am merely a speedbump in the way of other players. I’m trying to figure the game out to score better and maybe be a bit of competition, but it seems that everyone else is figuring it out as well. I still love it though. It’s a perfect maximization game, where you just have to find a way to maximize the value of each play that you get. Rightfully, at least in my mind, the number 2 game on BGG.

Kickstarter News Nothing new on Kickstarter for me this week again, Mistfall successfully funded and ended up with just shy of $135k. Can’t wait for this one to arrive. Best Treehouse Ever just keeps on chugging along as well, with 12 days left in the campaign it sits at just shy of $32k, we’re still stretching for those new advanced bonus scoring cards which will had a lot of variety to game play, and at $37,500 every room card in the game will be unique. So hopefully we can hit that in the next 12 days, give it a look if you haven’t yet.

Acquisitions Well, we did get a couple games in the mail to review and I’m really looking forward to doing that, it really is kind of cool to get your first games from a publisher to review and I hope I never lose that enjoyment. That wasn’t what I set out to do with this podcast, but it is a fun idea and I hope it doesn’t become too much for my family when I keep forcing them to replay games that I want to review(it won’t be). In addition to those two games, I did pick up Fields of Arle. The big two player only worker placement game from Uwe Rosenberg. This one has been getting so much love from folks over on Twitter that I trust, that I had to take the dive in and see for myself. Man, this game is heavy, literally it weighs a lot, with lots of wooden bits and tons of cardboard. I’ve read through the rules once, and will be reading them again probably tonight in hopes of throwing it on the table to try out solo this week.

BGG Weight Loss Challenge Well, the weight loss challenge started last Monday and I weighed in at a robust 246 lbs. I’ve tried to eat a bit better this week, less crap and I am back on the no calories from drinks, with the exception of booze. I knew that Easter was coming and that means tons of food around here so I wanted to minimize the damage done while still being able to participate in the festivities and eat what I love to eat, so we’ll see where we weigh in tomorrow morning. But I feel fairly confident I dropped a couple, we’ll see. I just need to get up and be more active, but that’s going to be tough this week with Kerensa out of town again, so my walks and such will have to be on my lunch which is also occupied by two puppies at home who aren’t happy if they aren’t causing trouble, but hey, I’ll have to figure something out. It’s hard though, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything.

Geeklist and Forum Thread Once again this week was hectic, I didn’t get a lot of time to do much on Board Game Geek, but I did read everyone’s entries in both the Geeklist and the Thread and you guys continue to make me jealous of some of the games you guys get to play, from Blokus to Napoleon at War, you folks bring it every week, and I love it! And some of you all give some fantastic session reports to boot, it definitely helps the week go faster reading and checking it all out! We had lots of newer folks in the list this week and it’s good to see that it’s still attracting new people, I hope you all manage to find time to stick around and post every week!

Podcast Notes

Two podcast notes for the week. Last week when I mentioned a new podcast called Low Player Count, well their first episode is out and available on their website, which I will link in the show notes. You get a good introduction to Donny, Shawn and Travis and what they are hoping to do with their podcast this week, along with finding out what some of their favorite low player count games are. Give ‘em a listen!!


Also this week Rich Sommer has a podcast starting as well. Now, Rich doesn’t need my help to get hits and downloads, he’s got a legion of folks who’ll do that already, but I did listen to the first couple short sampler episodes of Cardboard! And I enjoyed them, especially talking to his daughter about her favorite game, Sorry Sliders. So give him a listen too, you can find him over on iTunes and I’ll go ahead and try to get a link to that in the notes as well.

Cardboard!: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/cardboard!/id982094665

Sherriff of Nottingham Contest Alright, for the moment you’ve all been waiting on, who’s going to be the one to receive a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham, well after some serious contemplation, the winner is the following story, from a game of Bacchus’ Banquet: I was playing as Caligula. I figured there was at least one assassin on the board because daggers seemed awfully popular. My turn came up and sitting on the table was a 9 poison. My belt was already on 3, so this would be an insta-kill for me I picked it up with a 5 meat dish and a food taster. Everyone had their purple cards and I figured I would try something in case someone really wanted me to have that poison. I trashed the 5 dish, kept the 9 poison, and gifted the food taster. It got passed around and then someone accepted it. And then played his purple card enabling him to swap the gift with the keep.

So, I got the food taster and just waited. He picked up the keep card and the all of the color drained out of his face. Like he couldn't grasp what just happened. He stuttered for a second and then said "How?!? Why?!?" as he notched his belt past the end and eliminated himself. I almost collapsed to the floor because I was laughing so hard. Everyone else at the table were roaring, as well. It was a very risky gotcha, but one that paid off so, so well.”

So Chris, if you’re reading, shoot me an email with your information and we’ll get a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham on the way so you can enjoy pulling more fast ones over on your so called friends.

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