Week 22


We crammed all of our gaming into Friday thru Sunday and ended up playing quite a little bit. Was kind of surprised at the amount we got in honestly.

On Friday, Kerensa was out at a fundraiser so Gabriella and I sat down to a game. I had decided earlier in the day that it was going to be Neuroshima Hex. So after bribing Gabby a little bit she agreed and we sat down and learned the game. First game was my Molochs vs her Borgo and we were taking it easy and just playing with the rulebook open, when all of a sudden during my turn, a thud and a rush of water rolled over the board and all the cardboard on it, my Molochs getting the worst of it. Gabby had dropped her 24 oz glass of water on the table. Did my best to not be irritated, and we hurriedly cleaned up the mess. After drying it off, and getting her to laugh a bit about it, because I could tell she felt horrible, I switched out the Moloch to let them dry properly and went with the Hegemony for round two which went much more uneventful. Neuroshima Hex really isn’t a complicated game to learn at all, in fact, it’s quite easy once you get what the iconography on the tiles mean, but wow it’s quite the tactical game. Gabby ended up winning this one, she had 12 health left on her base to my 10 when we were out of tiles, but it was good fun and I think she enjoyed it as well, looking forward to playing this one more.

Neuroshima Hex!!

Saturday Gabby and I got in a two player game of Machi Koro in before they went and hung out with their cousins while I chopped down a small forest in the back yard. I was going to start putting a timer on the game to try to speed it up, because it kind of just drags at times when you get to thinking too much about what you are going to buy, but I haven’t yet. Machi Koro at its heart is a light weight dice rolling game where the dice activate the cards in your tableau, or city. Those cards will make you money or can steal money from other players or make money for everyone. With that money you buy cards from the buy stacks, trying to best synergize your “city”. The cards all have a cost to them in coins but also they have a number or a number range on them that designates which dice rolls will activate them. The object of the game is to be the first to build 4 monuments, if you are playing base only, or 6 monuments if you are playing with The Harbor expansion. First person to build their last monument wins the game. So where it gets bogged down for me at least are the options, there are always 10 different cards in the middle to buy, but with the new rule in The Harbor, those cards can change all the time, so that means everyone has to pay attention and know what those cards are in advance to keep the flow going. Not to mention everyone keeping track of what they have that would steal from everyone else. I don’t mind the game when it’s played fast, when it’s played loose, because ultimately the dice decide everything and if a game is going to let dice decide everything for me, it should be quick. But, Gabby loves the game, so I’ll keep playing it as long as she asks. We also played this again on Sunday and taught it to Kerensa, that game was probably the longest game we’ve ever had, outside the full four player game we had a couple months ago. But that was to be expected as Kerensa did not know what any of the cards did and how they worked together so it moved slow. Gabby won the game on Saturday and Kerensa won the game on Sunday.

Machi Koro with The Harbor

Sunday morning over coffee, Kerensa and I learned Progress:Evolution of Technology. This is the second game from Passport Game Studios that I received for review so I won’t go into it too much, but we did end up playing it twice on Sunday and enjoyed it both times, although we did have one issue and I am waiting to see if that issue rears its ugly head with more than 2 players. Both plays on Sunday were just the two of us, but it seems that the Power Board points may be a bit swingy in a 2 player game, at least that’s what it seems to us. If you win 2 out of 3 of them you end up with a 8-10 point advantage, and from what we can tell in two player, that’s awfully hard to make up for in your tableau or on your player board, but we’ll see. I’m hoping to get a play in of this Monday night at our game meetup with a couple more players and see how it goes. Also of note, we’ve only played through 3 ages, we haven’t added the 4 Age cards in just yet.

Progress:Evolution of Technology

We did play one other game on Sunday, we got in another play of Doodle Quest and I further showed off that my sense of space and where to draw objects is just way off as I was a distant 3rd place to Kerensa and Gabby, but it’s still a fun game to play. Doodle Quest is one of those games where you sit down and play and think to yourself, why didn’t I think of this?!?! In the game each player has a blank transparent Doodle sheet and a dry erase marker. In the game there are six randomly drawn pictures that are placed in the middle. Those pictures have specific instructions on them, like draw a line from one corner of your transparency to the other. But the trick is there is usually something in the picture that you can’t touch with the line or you will lose points. So you draw the line and you take your transparency with what you drew on it and place it on top of the picture and see how you did, if you’re like me, that’s usually fairly bad, but if you have good spatial recognition, you should be just fine. The box comes with 20 of those pictures, each with an A and a B side, with the B side being more difficult than the A side. The game is silly fun and my only worry is how it’ll hold up if you play a lot of it with the same people, as those 40 pictures can be gone through fairly quickly. But I don’t regret picking it up one bit, super fun. Now, the only question I really have about it is, do I pick up Loony Quest as well!!

So that’s all the gaming I did face to face this week. I’ve managed to keep up with Star Realms pretty well with challenges coming from a few different folks. Sarah, kicked my rear end either once or twice, I forget, we have another in progress, but may not be done by recording time. Jflartner and I have been back and forth over a handful of games, and I’m getting good challenges from my brother in law and his wife as well. So Star Realms is still getting quite a few plays. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on Gambits yet, but I am sure I will sooner or later. But for now, I am Gambit-less.

Acquisitions Nothing, nada, zilch. Nothing was acquired this week game wise, although I did go ahead and pick up a pop filter for recording. I kept listening to myself and every now and then I thought I was bumping the desk, so I am hoping that this pop filter fixes that and muffles my B’s and my P’s a bit.


Best Treehouse Ever funded yesterday at just over $52k, coming up just short of the final stretch goal but close enough that they decided to include it anyway, which is fantastic. Really well done campaign ran by Jason Kotarski of Green Couch Games. I can’t wait to see what’s next from them as they look to have a good idea of what to do with that 30 minute filler game market.

The Siblings Trouble was backed this week. $30 gets you the game and covers shipping. This one is brought to us by Eduardo Baraf, who last year ran a Kickstarter for Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet, which I was a backer of but due to unforeseen financial stuff popping up I backed out. I wish I could have stayed in as reviews are good for it as it is being played by everyone who backed it now. But back to The Siblings Trouble. The Siblings Trouble is a card-driven cooperative storytelling game, that really sounds to me like it’s a fantastic jumping in point for younger children interested in role playing games, or families interesting in role playing games but they don’t want to do a full campaign with 2-3 hour sessions just yet. I’ll talk a bit more about it next week as I am going to dive into some of the videos and such, but currently it’s sitting at a little over $12k funding with a goal of $18k with 23 days left on the campaign. Give it a look if it sounds like something that may interest you.

I also backed one other game this week, but I’m not sure I’m going to stay with it. In theory I love the idea of the game, it seems like it may truly be the only Euro Zombie game, and that game is called Surviving: One Month In. This is really the type of game that I should be backing, it’s a small press and it won’t be produced if it doesn’t make its funding, it’s currently sitting at eleven thousand pounds, and needs to get to fourteen thousand pounds to fund. As of recording the campaign has 7 days to go. The price on this one is pretty nice, it’s quite a bit of stuff that comes in the box and it seems like you’d be able to get a lot of variety out of the play as well, with different modes and different board setups. I managed to sneak in and get one of the early bird prices when someone dropped out it seems what would be 30 US dollars, but you can get in now for $37. It has some good enough reviews from some folks who do quite a few reviews so it’s not completely unknown. Give it a look and see what you think, let me know if any of you all end up backing it. I’m staying in for the time being, but I’ll be watching and reading more this week before I make my final decision on it.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Weight loss challenge wise, I’m staying steady, but we’ll see where I sit tomorrow morning, had kind of a so so week food intake wise but I burned off quite a few calories on Saturday in the yard, but then I made up for that by eating like a pig at a party. So I’m kind of nervous about this weigh in tomorrow.

Fantasy baseball league is moving along and it looks like Paul from Cardboard Jungle and I turned around our misfortunes last week and won our matchups this week, Anthony didn’t fare so well though. Early in the season it looks like the cream of the crop may be Dan from Nonsensical gamers as he won again this week, but man, Division 1 looks brutal, I wish I would have been put into a different division, yipes.

Hoping next week to have something new for everyone so be ready for that. Thanks for reading and listening folks, I really do appreciate it!! Have a great week and I’ll see you in the Geeklist and the Forums!

Week 23!!!

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