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Wow, and I thought last week was barren, this week is even more so. With helping people move off and on this weekend, Little Olympics for Gabby and also her 11th birthday, we only managed to play a couple games, but at least they were games that she enjoys playing.

Ugg-Tect So on Saturday night after going out for Gabby’s birthday dinner we played a game of Ugg-Tect, Kerensa and I versus Gabby and her friend. This one was added to our 3x3 Before Memorial Day Challenge by Gabby and I knew it would be a tough one to get played, just because of how it plays, but we threw it on the table and played it on Saturday. Ugg-Tect was originally known as Aargh! Tect and it was re-released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2012. As a matter of fact this was one of our purchases when we went to Gen Con that year. In Ugg-Tect, teams are working to build structures out of the materials lying around them. The trick of the game is that all the players are cavemen and only have a handful of building blocks and rudimentary communication that consists of strange gestures and sounds. One player is the “architect” and you have the plan for what you want your team to build, you are the one who gets to make the gestures and sounds in an attempt to get your partner, the builder to build your building to look like what is on the blueprint card that you have. The best part of the game, at least according to Gabby, is that the architect also has a blow up club with which to “hit” the other player on the head to tell them whether they are correct or not, 1 hit for correct, 2 hits for incorrect. The fastest and most accurate team to build the structure wins the points on the card and then the architect and builder switch positions. Ugg-Tect is really a fun experience type of game, especially when the teams get into character and really get into the “words” and actions that help direct the builder, stomping on the ground shouting “Ugungu!” rarely gets old. The components in the game are pretty top notch, even down to the blow up Caveman clubs which are a fantastic touch to the game. When we played it at GenCon back in 2012, Gabby was really getting into the architect role and we had a nice crowd around cheering her on when she got to hit the builder who just wasn’t getting it, that was me. The only issue I have with the game is the handout that they give you for both players on a team to be able to read is just a small folded crib sheet, it can be a bit hard to read at times, but then again, I’m getting older and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, so they may be just fine. I’ll gladly play it whenever we have people who want to try it out, but it does require at least 4 players to play, and you really need to get into it in order to have fun with the game, no sitting around in this one.

Ca$h n Guns On Sunday after everyone had participated in cake and presents with Gabby, we broke out Ca$h n Guns for a quick play through. With fewer players this game can get out of hand fairly quickly if everyone decides to go after the same person to start with and that’s what happened to me, and I had to chicken out the first round, I never got back in it after that, even after recruiting AnnaBeth to act as my buffer, was hoping no one wanted to point a foam gun at a five year old, but alas, that plan did not go as planned since everyone really knew who was pulling the trigger. I did manage to stay in the entire game, which is kind of rare for me, but I still only ended up with $75000 in loot. My brother, Shannon, managed to finish about $40000 ahead of me, but we both were way out of first place which was a surprising tie between Gabby and my sister Samantha, they both ended up with $220000 worth of loot. They each had one round where they got to pick up every bit of the loot in the middle. We didn’t bother looking for a tie breaker as everyone was breaking up the party and heading home at that point. Ca$h n Guns is always a fun game but the more the merrier as there are more targets to choose from. Not sure my mom appreciated us playing a game where we were pointing foam guns at each other, especially when I let AnnaBeth do my dirty work, but hey, it’s all in good fun.


I did continue playing Star Realms online quite a bit last week, thank you again Sarah, Jim, Brad, Kate, Kimberly and Robin. For the time being I am sitting at 0/9 and level 8, it’s been a long while since I have been up there and I’m expecting everything to turn on me at any moment, but I’ll keep on playing on and see how far I can get. I was actually a low level 9 at one point, and I started the most horrific losing streak I’ve been a part of, I just could not win to save my life and ended up down in the Level 5s until just recently. So, let’s keep the challenges going, the league over on Board Game Geek should be starting back up fairly shortly so I’ll have more games there as well, but in the entire time I’ve been participating, I’ve never advanced out of my starting division, but then again, I haven’t been demoted either.

I’m hoping that this coming week works out a bit better as far as gaming goes, we do have a State Holiday on Friday so I am thinking about seeing if anyone from the game group is interested in playing a couple games, I need to get a couple more plays of Progress: Evolution of Technology in for the review, and I’d love to be able to get a play in with 5 people if possible, so fingers crossed.

Acquisitions Once again, nothing arrived on my doorstep this weekend, I’m beginning to wonder if the UPS driver is going to remember us when something comes. I do expect something to show up on our doorstep next week so this little section should have a little bit more excitement in it then. I’ve just been trying to watch the game spending a bit, especially given that I have been backing Kickstarters more regularly than I have ever done in the past. Just because they aren’t delivered right away, doesn’t mean that they aren’t paid for right away.

Kickstarter I didn’t back anything again this week, although I am going to take a closer look at Xenon Profiteer from TC Petty and Eagle Gryphon Games this week and see if it’s one that I do want to consider. It really is a bit of a different type of game, a “deck deconstruction” game, where you are running a business that separates air trying to isolate Xenon and sell it. This one is part of the Eagle Gryphon Bookshelf Series. It need a bit of work to hit its funding goal of $10,000 in 11 days, as of recording it is sitting just shy of $4000. Give it a look and tell me what you think of it. I’ve got the rulebook downloaded and printed out, just need to find time to read it. TC also has a fantastic Instructional video up for the game on the campaign page that I need to watch as well, but time is not my friend at the moment.

One game that I forgot to mention last week in the Kickstarter round up is a game that I backed when I first saw it hit Kickstarter a couple weeks ago, The Siblings Trouble. Currently, The Siblings Trouble has reached its funding goal and is on its way to reaching some stretch goals with 9 days left in the campaign, but I really regret not even mentioning it last week on the podcast as I am really excited for this one to be made, even with the estimated delivery date of May 2016. The Siblings Trouble is a game brought to us by Eduardo Baraf and a fantastic team of contributors. What it is at its core is a role playing game, but a role playing game that eases you into role playing. It helps guide you, it allows you to role play as much as you would like or as little as you like. Ultimately, The Siblings Trouble is a cooperative game, where you play a group of adventurers trying to complete an adventure, whether it’s in the Hillside Cave of the Ancient Forest, you’ll have a series of narrative moments that lead you through the game, which should last about 30 minutes or so. Survive them and you’ll have treasures and stories to tell, and yes, those treasures can carry on into the next adventure as well, it can be played as a campaign of sorts, you won’t necessarily “level up” but you can have new items carry over from story to story helping you get through the adventure. This really isn’t trying to be a simplified RPG, rather it’s an RPG to introduce your family or friends to RPGs with. The entire game is ran with cards, dice, a few tokens and the player’s imagination. Each adventure is going to play differently as you never play with all the cards from the adventure deck which during game play contains location cards, path cards, the Big Secret and an End of Adventure Card. Each player is going to have a character card, one assigned Trouble Die, a special ability token and one treasure item to start the game with. The treasure that your character brings with them should offer the first story telling spot of the game, each character can describe what they are bringing with them on this adventure and why. The game is played with each player taking a turn and flipping over a card from the adventured deck and resolving them. Some will have events, some will allow you to search for items as well. While resolving the location cards and path cards, there are different storytelling opportunities. You’ll earn different tokens along the way, all hopefully that will help you when you ultimately meet the final boss. That’s it in a nutshell, flip cards, tell stories, roll dice, beat some bosses and make it back home with some cool treasure and a lifetime of stories to tell. As I said, I am looking forward to this landing on our doorstep. If there is one thing that I have failed to do as a game playing parent, that’s introduce my kids to the storytelling games and RPGs. I tend to enjoy my games to be mechanical with a bit of story being told by the game, I’ve never been a huge role player, but I’d like to think that The Siblings Trouble is a game that can help lead me down that path, just as well as my children and my wife. I’ve had Mouse Guard sitting on our shelves for the better part of two years, waiting to be played, but Gabby and I have never gotten past creating our mice, same goes for any other RPG I’ve picked up, Hero Kids, Faery’s Tale or even Do. I did play a bit of D&D 4th with some friends not too long ago, but I never really got into the storytelling of it, I treated it more like a board game or a miniatures combat game, and D&D 4th really kind of let you do that with its miniatures and such. So I’m hoping that The Siblings Trouble helps me learn to Role Play a bit better and it helps my daughters and wife do the same, as I’d love to give our minds an imaginative workout out once in a while to go with our mechanical workout that our brains currently get. So give The Siblings Trouble a look on Kickstarter, hopefully it strikes a chord with you as much as it did with me.

Geeklist & Thread Once again this week I am going to have to apologize, I really wasn’t as active as I wanted to be on the Geeklist or thread, although I did read each and every one of the entries, I just didn’t have time to comment and discuss as much as I would have loved to do. But there were lots of fantastic reports of some fantastic games being played. I continue to be interested in Argent: The Consortium which user Svengaard continues to play. Really looks like a big sprawling fun game that I’d love to get a chance to try at some point. Arboretum continues to be a huge hit it seems as well, I’m hoping I get lucky and that Miniature Market has some copies back in stock by the time we get up to Geekway in the middle of May. Steph continues to blow me away with some fantastic photos and session reports, really don’t think she gets the credit she deserves around the geek, which is saying a lot considering how much credit she does receive. We saw Lewis and Clark re-appear on the geeklist after a bit of a hiatus, really kind of strange as well after a lot of folks on Twitter were talking about it as well last week. Marco Polo continues to get mentioned and it continues to move up my wishlist and another thing that moves up my wishlist is the ability to join the 1st Minnesota. One of these weeks folks I’ll get to be more of a part of the geeklist and threads, I promise I will, but please continue to post as it really is fantastic to see what everyone else is playing.

Really a short week of gaming, and that makes for a relatively short blog post. Hoping I can remedy that this week. Have a great week everyone!!

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