Week 25 1/2


You may be asking why this one is being numbered 25 ½, I’m doing that because I am just going to do a real short episode tonight and release it so folks don’t forget me over the week, then next week I’ll do the big Geekway wrap up, this gives me all week to get together with Kerensa, Gabby and AnnaBeth, plus see if I can get anyone else to talk about Geekway with me, to top it all off though, I am just one worn out human being. I tried recording a little bit as I went through Geekway but it didn’t turn out very usable so I’m just going to do it all over from home. I will be doing a geeklist about Geekway 2015 on board game geek, and that will be up this week at some point, but the main event will be next week’s podcast.

I’ll say that we played about 30 games over the 4 days, you always think that number is going to be higher, but then you have to factor in the fact that you just can’t sit in the same spot every hour playing game after game, you gotta get up and move and eat and sleep and drink and see the fountains. Of the games I wanted to play, only Arkwright didn’t get a chance, and that was just because it wouldn’t have been fair to the other players if I had a kid emergency or something of that nature, really wish I could have done that as I know the person teaching it would have done a fantastic job and I’m envious of the others who got to play with him as they got to learn it from one of the better teachers I’ve played with at Geekway. There were a few folks I didn’t get to meet that I hope to get to meet at future Geekways or maybe even at DieCon in June if I get to head up that way.

I will do a brief acquisitions section since I did pick up some games while at Geekway, mostly from the Math Trade. Gabby picked up the Adventure Time Card Game starter box and Cardline Globetrotter. In the math trade I walked away with Blue Moon Legends, Asgard, Toledo and Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age. Also, because Geekway is an awesome convention, everyone who has a pass gets a free game, so I ended up getting the Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters Set, Gabby got Rise of Augustus and Kerensa got High Command. Oh and someone walked up and handed me their copy of Sedition Wars that they got but ended up not wanting. So once again, I came back from Geekway with more games than I left with, for the 3rd year in a row.

Kickstarter Did you know that Wombats poop cubes? I didn’t either, but Eagle-Gryphon Games and designer Matt Wolfe are going to teach you that they do indeed poop cubes in their new game called Wombat Rescue. Apparently the science community believes that they do this since they can’t see well, and have to use their sense of smell to navigate their environment, and you can’t have your navigation system rolling all over the place, so Wombats have adapted to poop cubes to prevent the movement. In Wombat Rescue you play as Mom Wombat and you are trying to save your four wombat babies who were scattered after the horrible dingo raided your burrow. To lead your babies back you have to use your poop cubes to help the poor baby wombats navigate their way back to safety.

This one hit Kickstarter on the 15th of May, right smack dab in the middle of Geekway for me, but I did make sure to be a backer as soon as I heard it was live as I’ve been anxious to try this one out since I heard it mentioned over a year ago on a couple podcasts after an UnPub event. As a matter of fact this one was on my Top 10 list of games I am looking forward to this year, way back in episode 4. Which also reminds me that I need to find my way over to the Stronghold Games website and get my pre-order of Dark Moon in!!


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