Week 35!!!


Pretty slow, busy, hot week last week. We did have a Gameday meetup on Monday with our monthly game group and I got Gabby and Kerensa to sit down and play one new game that just arrived for us. This weekend was dominated by sunshine though, so much so that I think I may be medium to medium well by now. My body has become used to its cubicle life, manual labor tends to hurt for a couple days after so I’ll be sitting in my comfy chair as I write this week’s blog post and podcast. Hope everyone had a fantastic week!!

Tonight I’m enjoying another fantastic Saison from the state of Missouri, but this one is from the East side of the state in St. Louis. Saison de Lis from Perennial Artisan Ales is a really well done Saison, really floral in the smell and kind of grassy or earthy? I am definitely not a sommelier as you can tell. But it’s really a nice crisp refreshing Saison with a bit of fruit in the flavor and a bit of hops as well. Not my favorite Saison/Farmhouse Ale, which is probably my favorite style at the moment, but it’s not far off. The bonus of this one is how readily available it is around here so I can get a bottle just about whenever I want.

We had our monthly game night on Monday night and it saw 7 people attending, well, I think the most we had at one time was 6 as one person left after the first couple games and another joined us. With six people, it is usually a common thing for us to find a six player game to start with to get us all together, so I grabbed Eggs and Empires and explained it and we were off, well we were off and running after a good lengthy conversation about which airports were good and which were bad, I had no idea Lambert was so awful. But anyway, this was the first play for me of Eggs and Empires with more than 2 people, so I was glad to break it out. As per the usual with games like this that I teach, I finished in dead last, way back in last, we won’t even discuss the score, but I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the game, well everyone except one person who decided that a three card monte was the way to decide which card to play, and yes, I am ashamed to admit that he beat even me, by 12 points. Steven ended up winning this one with 119 points, with Mike and Bern right behind him with 108 points. I dig Eggs and Empires and I’ll continue to bring it with me to meetups and such, not sure I enjoyed it all that much with six though, but that may have been my poor showing talking instead of me actually thinking about the game.

After that, we all decided to stick together for some six player Guillotine. Guillotine is a game that I picked up early on in our gaming lives, but also one that I sold off fairly quickly as well as our one early play of it really didn’t seem all that great and everyone kind of gave up on it. Well subsequent plays have been pretty fun and I’ve really enjoyed them. First round I ended the day really quickly by moving Marie Antoinette to the front of the line and then picking her, jumping out to an early lead, and if memory serves correctly I had the lead the second day as well, but by the third day folks had noticed and a couple well played cards took a noble from me and pretty much sealed my fate to finishing 5 points back of Mike who won with 15 points. It’s always fun to line up the French Nobles to the guillotine and I’m glad this one is around in the group to play now and then, I probably won’t ever pick up another copy for us here though, but I’ll happily play it.

One left and then one joined us and we still had not separated the group so we went ahead and threw King of Tokyo on the table. I’m not a huge fan of King of Tokyo, and I’ve wrestled with whether I enjoy it better than King of New York and I think that I do, mainly because there are far fewer ways for gamers to lengthen out the game in King of Tokyo, as it’s just a basic Yahtzee style dice roller with limited decisions and even the power cards don’t seem to effect the game all that much. This one I went for the slow burn, keep your health up and score some VPs whenever I got the chance, well, the dice didn’t like me well enough for that to work as I really didn’t score all that many VPs, even though I did manage to keep my health maxxed out until I finally decided to knock the person out of Tokyo Bay and try to make a run. It came up short as Jonathan had amassed VPs entirely too quick for me to eliminate him before he got to 20 and ended any hopes that Andy and I could catch him. As it seems to be a running gag, this is another game that I picked up early and sold off early as well as a couple plays in and nobody in the family was having any fun with it. The difference though between this one and Guillotine is that I think I may actually pick this one up and try it again as I think Gabby has gotten a lot more confident in her gaming, especially in games with a lot of in your face combat and I think it may go over a lot better than it did the first couple times, but even if it fails, I can probably pass it on to another gamer around here as just about everyone I know loves big monsters.

Steven left and that left us with five players and only about an hour left in the evening so we brought out the classic For Sale and gave it a quick run. This is only the second time I’ve played and it had been awhile since that first play so I kind of just winged it at first until it clicked as I didn’t want anyone to have to give a 2 minute explanation for some stupid reason. Oh well, I’ll remember next time! I didn’t win, but I didn’t finish in last either, so I’ll chalk that up as a good showing. I dig For Sale, I love the two different sections of the game with one part being an auction and the other being a fun half game of hand management trying to sell the properties. I honestly can’t believe that I’ve never added this one or Incan Gold for that matter to the collection, I may have to remedy that as we’ve got a budding 5 year old gamer coming that may enjoy playing these with us. I’m fairly certain Kerensa would like it as well, Gabby maybe not, but we’ll see!

That was one of our weirder game nights, no one really seemed to want to play much of anything of substance and no one wanted to be the person to break apart the group so we all played games together instead of having two or three different groups, which normally is what happens. But like I said on Monday, I still had great fun playing games with some great friends. Oh, and Spyfall fell flat, but I don’t think that should really surprise me with these guys, we aren’t the most socially deductive group around sometimes.

Thursday evening offered me something different, but still gaming related. I was a guest on the Docking Bay 94 podcast and we sat and chatted about gaming for about 2 hours, I hope Jason has fun editing us down to their normal time. We talked about games we’d been playing, Kickstarter projects that we’ve backed or not backed yet. But the meat of the show is a discussion about GenCon and GenCant, so look for that to land on Friday, July 31st. And maybe go back and listen to some of the older podcasts in Jason Hancock and Jason Washburn’s feed. It really is a fun, informative and well done podcast. It was great to work with them and see how podcasts go when you do the entire thing with remote guests and even hosts in two different cities!

The lone acquisition of the week was the game Johari and we got it to the table on Friday night. It was probably a bit late to start a new game, but I had it set up and was waiting for Kerensa and Gabby to join me for about 45 minutes before they actually sat down to play. 45 minutes is more than enough time to play this one but our play doubled that to an hour and forty minutes due to interruptions and people spacing out. So I am going to reserve any comments on this one until we play it again, it definitely showed promise and I like games with simultaneous action, but this one didn’t seem to hold Gabby’s or Kerensa’s attention like I thought it would so we’ll have to play it again soon and then I’ll give more of a rundown of it.

That’s all the games on the table, Star Realms continues to get plays and I once again got one win away from level 10 and then immediately lost a couple in a row, I’m really beginning to think that the ghost in the machine really has it in for me. I got quite a few plays in this week with the new Gambit cards so thank you to everyone who threw challenges at me with the Gambit expansions, I’m trying to pick up and learn the new cards. The whole expansion just seems so swingy, especially when you throw in those Gambit bases as well. But it’s still fun, if aggravating. Thanks for the games SarahR, thexphiler, steved, phillier, Jacob, mastakate and adiliberto. Keep firing away!

Kickstarter Two projects funded during this week, Hocus closed out its Kickstarter run with 1639 backers and $31,403 dollars pledged out of a $6000 goal. Well run campaign in every aspect, so congratulations go out to Josh and Grant. JurassAttack! also funded this week and it was a bit slower going. The campaign was well done and Jason and Ryan kept up with questions and information as good as any campaign managers could, but it funded with $9519 and 439 backers which is way lower than I thought it would fund, hopefully folks will see how it goes over once we get copies and they’ll flock to their local retailers to pick up a copy. Congratulations Ryan on your first published game and to Jason for the next Green Couch Games game that I am looking forward to receiving!

But before all of that funding happened, another Kickstarter re-appeared on the horizon, New Bedford. This is the second time around for New Bedford, the first was canceled and Nat Levan and Chris Kirkman over at Dice Hate Me Games took a step back and re-thought the project and re-tooled it a bit and low and behold it is currently sitting at $43173 with a $25000 project goal. So needless to say, I think the re-tooling helped out quite a bit and I am currently backing it. Set in the mid-1800s New Bedford gives 2-4 players(unless that $50000 goal is met and we get a 5th player) the chance to build the Massachusetts town of the same name into a thriving community. It’s a worker placement game, where you are using your workers to do different things around New Bedford. There is a community board with actions that everyone can take, but the players also will be building their own parts of the town that other players can use for their actions, but it will cost them to do so. The components are going to be fantastic, we’ve already unlocked some really nice wooden resources and some awesome two tone ships that remind me a lot of the ships from Expedition Northwest Passage, except with brighter colors. $29 will get you the game, but there is going to be shipping tagged on to that of $9 for folks in the US and EU getting hit hard for $35 shipping. I haven’t looked to hard into this, but I do often wonder why certain companies are able to get affordable shipping for everyone but others cannot or do not. But if you are EU or other, there should be plenty of backers wanting to tie their bids together to get that flat shipping cost. If you are interested be sure to check it out.

New Bedford Kickstarter Page

I am anxiously awaiting Mistfall here in the U.S., the EU has seen their copies showing up and with that we’ve seen the rules forums be flooded with rules questions and that kind of worries me, but hopefully Ricky Royal’s video series will help alleviate some of the rules questions and maybe by the time it gets over here to me in August they’ll all have been answered, but that’s not a sign I like to see before getting a game.


I do have another Kickstarter preview coming in the next week or two for another card game, this one from Pencil First games and designer Eduardo Baraf, it’s called Gem Packed Cards. I just received the preview copy on Saturday, but I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet other than to look at the cards and chips. I look forward to playing it soon and getting that information to you all as I believe that he is planning on launching this one on Kickstarter towards the middle or end of August, so be on the lookout for that!

Acquisitions As I noted earlier, the only acquisition this week was Johari, but I did pick up something via BGG auction on Saturday evening that I’ve been wanting to pick up for quite a while and someone actually had it for a good price. So hopefully my prompt payment will warrant prompt shipping and we’ll see that here this week and I’ll tell you all about it next week.

#GenCant So Gen Con starts this week and Board Game Geek, Twitter and all our other social media sites will be filled with all the wonderful stories of what gamers are seeing and doing in the wonderful city of Indianapolis. But what about those gamers who can’t make it, the ones left behind to hold down the fort while everyone else is out gallivanting, yes, I just said they were gallivanting and cavorting with all the games that we want too? Well for us, thanks to the wonderful mind of Suzanne Sheldon we have what has become known as GenCant. GenCant is the convention that we can all attend, no matter where we are and what we’re doing, we can all take part via various forms of social media, but I will say, Twitter will be the place to be for the most part. GenCant starts on July 30th, the same day as GenCon, so I hope everyone is well rested and ready to go on Thursday. So what are we going to do for GenCant? Well, quite possibly whatever we want to do. The guys over at Low Player Count and the 1 Player Podcast are sponsoring a GenCantSoloCon, they have a geeklist set up with directions on what to do and how to participate, I’ll link it here. Jason and Jason of the aforementioned Docking Bay 94 Podcast are also doing a contest where they want folks to photograph board games in their “natural environment” in conjunction with Artem Safarov and his Board Game Habitat project over on the Altema Games page, plus they got Cloud Cap Games to pitch in another 3 games as well to give away, be sure to check out the link below for more information on the giveaway and how to enter. There is a photo contest and raffle set up and if you go to the GenCant website to check it out you’ll see all of the fantastic prizes that have been donated by publishers, podcasters and just folks who want nothing more than to contribute to the fun that is GenCant and make folks feel a bit better about not being at GenCon. So, all those fun contests and fantastic prizes should help ease our pain, but the biggest thing about GenCant is the camaraderie that we all felt last year during this. It really was a lot of fun reading everyone’s tweets and seeing all the fantastic, creative photographs and posts that came about because of this. So, if you aren’t going to GenCon, you should be attending GenCant.

GenCant Website

Docking Bay 94 GenCant Contest Page

Low Player Count/1 Player Podcast GenCant Solo Challenge

GenCant Solo Challenge Board Game Geek Geeklist

I’ll be tweeting along with everyone else, using the #GenCant tag and hopefully my family participates with me like they did last year. I’m also planning on giving a game to the raffle drawing as well, just waiting for Suzanne to tell me whether or not a certain company was giving away any copies as I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and I’d love to not duplicate a game on the list.

WDYPTW Thread and Geeklist I feel as if I have neglected the Geeklist and Thread this week and I apologize. I’ve been super swamped for the most part and while I am pretty sure I kept up with the thread I don’t think I did with the geeklist, so I’m going to make sure to double up this week and make sure I get caught up. It’s been 36 weeks or so since I have started doing this podcast and blog and I figured I’d go ahead and kind of re-hash what prompted me to do all of this for folks who may or may not know and since I kind of talked a little bit about it earlier this week I thought I’d hit on it here as well. Back around February 2013, I took over a weekly geeklist. That Geeklist was then just simply known as What Did You Play This Weekend, we’ve recently expanded it to all week just so folks can feel free to post about everything they played if they want to. I took that over because a certain Jon Gilmour was needing a break to work on some silly zombie apocalypse project or another and he had ran the geeklist since late 2009 I believe and since I absolutely had loved taking part in the conversations on there, basically since I had started posting on Board Game Geek, I agreed to take the reins and keep it all alive. It really is a fantastic geeklist, filled with some of the best people on Board Game Geek. I like to think that a lot of us have really gotten to know each other over the years of posting and chit chatting about the games that we play, we’re really kind of like a more relaxed Geek Chat League, except that we don’t exclude anyone from posting and joining in to the conversation. So if any of you all are listening who have never posted to the WDYPTW thread or geeklist, please do so, we’d love to read about what you’ve been playing. Next week I’ll kind of talk about my weird reasoning that led to me doing the blog and podcast. Here’s a hint, I did it thinking it would be easier.

What Did You Play This Week Board Game Geek Geeklist/Thread Subscription Page

I was a guest on the Docking Bay 94 Podcast!!!

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