I was a guest on the Docking Bay 94 Podcast!!!

So, this past week I was a guest on Docking Bay 94-The Board Game Reviewers Podcast. I had a great time recording with Jason Hancock and Jason Washburn. I learned a lot in doing this, hopefully learned things that I can bring forward into our small podcast. But anyway, in Episode 14 of the DB94 podcast we talked about games we've been playing(imagine that), we talked Kickstarter and we talked a bit about our experiences at GenCons past and what's in store for GenCant 2015! Was a fun episode to record, and I think that comes through in the podcast.

Give it a listen and if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to Docking Bay 94 for more great episodes in the future!

Listen/Download Here!!


Week 36!!!

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