Week 48


Well, the girls and I survived a week without Kerensa around to take care of us and make sure we don’t do anything stupid, well sort of, Friday morning at around 3:30 am I was awoken by the sound of our 5 year old getting sick. Every half hour after that she continued to get sick until a bit later in the day on Friday. I hate having sick kiddos, there is not a more helpless feeling in the world that I can think of. But she’s a trooper and by Saturday morning she was bouncing around again. Gabby finishes up volleyball this week and we’ve got parent teacher conferences as well on Monday and Tuesday, so we’ll see what kind of mood we’re in after that, but I have no doubt in my mind the kiddos are doing fantastic. We had a couple game nights this week, Monday night the game group was kind enough to meet at our house instead of making me find a sitter and then Saturday evening Gabby graced us with an appearance and played three games with us which hasn’t happened in a bit. Without any further babble on my part, let’s launch into the games which includes a game that I haven’t played in about two and a half years and a brand spanking new game from friends of the show Jason and Lisa Washburn of Talon Strikes Studios. Let’s get to it!!

Monday night the game group met at our house as I said to play a few games. Normally we do play elsewhere but being that Kerensa was out of town they joined me here to play. First to the table at the request of Bern was the game that has not seen the table here in over two and a half years, Small World. Bern had never played before and he had a copy sitting at his house that he wasn’t sure if he should buy or not, so we offered to sit down to a five player game. Now, Small World is an easy game, but being that the break between plays was so long, we managed to screw something up right at the beginning, I think we were allowing over taking an area at the start too cheap and that spread our races thin so we went through that deck of base races pretty quickly, I think only 4 weren’t played the entire game. But even with that we had a good time. Small World is a great game to teach area control, it’s just too bad that die is so evil most of the time. I really thought I had this one in the bag, didn’t think anyone was close. I started with the rat men and just kept spreading and finding bonuses as I went, even with the Human Merchants towards the end basically tripling their score just based on the three or four areas I took with them. But, my final score of 93 was not enough, I seriously thought no one would touch that in a five player game, but Mike revealed 99 points and we were finished. Bern finished in third with 86, followed by Steven with 73 and Mark with 67. We’ve owned Small World forever, and played it now a handful of times and yet, even with all the expansions, I’ve never felt the need to expand it. The mix of races and traits really allows for a different play just about each time. I know Gabby enjoyed it, but I don’t think that Kerensa was too big of a fan which kind of explains why it sat unloved for so long, as it is, Small World may be the last game I ever reach for in a two player situation.

We followed up Small World with a new to all of us except Mark game, Nefarious. Now, Nefarious is a game from Donald X. Vaccarino of Dominion fame, but this one really plays nothing like Dominion as this one is pretty strictly hand management with simultaneous actions going on. Nefarious should be a pretty quick game, even with 6 players as we were playing this time since Jonathon had made it by that time, but with teaching and some shenanigans around the table, this one seemed to drag on just a bit too long, although I’m sure if we got into the theme and such it’d play a lot more fun than it did, since we were all just playing it pretty dry, I don’t even remember the names of my machines that I created. But anyway, Nefarious is a game in which the players are evil geniuses and we are racing to build our evil inventions. Nefarious is played over several rounds. In each round the players simultaneously choose and reveal one of their actions that will allow them to allocate one of their Minions to an area on their Lair, obtain money, obtain a blueprint for an invention, or build one of their inventions if they have enough money to do so. The minions that you allocate to your Lair can earn you additional income depending on the actions that your neighbors choose. The first player to build 20 or more points worth of Inventions AND have more points than any other player wins. There is a twist to the game, though – actually, two twists! At the beginning of the game, you randomly draw two Twist cards, which change the environment so that the game plays differently each time. This means that in order to win, the players will have to revise their strategies each time they play Nefarious. I am having a bit of trouble remembering what the twists were for us this game, I think one allowed us to collect an extra dollar for everyone adjacent to us that took an action that we had a minion on? Or maybe that’s part of the rules, I really don’t recall. I really should take more notes when playing new games that I know I’m going to talk about, I apologise. Also of note this was the new USAopoly version of the game and I’m not finding the rules online anywhere so I can look through and see if I can figure out which twists they were. I’ve not seen the old version before, but this USAopoly version looked nice, I liked the graphic design and the artwork, but the cards seemed thin and flimsy and the money was kind of meh as well. Now, I feel like I’m being a bit negative about the game, and it may be warranted a bit, but there is some fun to be had in this I think, and that fun will be with the groups that can bring about that mad scientist theme and get into the game, we just didn’t accomplish that on Monday night in spite of Mark trying, we all played it like a straight up card game and just went through the motions pretty dryly. I’d give it another shot or two, maybe with fewer than 6 people. I think I’d see it a bit differently that way.

After Nefarious most everyone packed up and headed home, so Jonathon and I sat down to a play of A Game of Thrones Living Card Game 2nd Edition, from here on out, just known as Game of Thrones the Card Game. We used the initial demo decks as provided in the rulebook from Fantasy Flight Games. I took the Starks and Jonathon took the Lannisters. Mike stayed around for a bit of the fun as I think about it, it’s his fault that both Jonathon and I bought the game, and yet he still hasn’t picked up a copy. Anyway, after last week’s attempt with Kerensa I was ready to give it another run with some refreshed rules in my head. But Jonathon and I still managed to mess a couple things up, mainly we messed up the Power challenge and instead of stealing power from the opponent we were just taking power from the general supply. I’m not really sure why we did that as I know that Kerensa and I played it the correct way the first time through, oh well. The Lannister deck got out to an early lead power wise, I had to let a couple challenges pass unopposed and such while I tried to build my army. We were straight military for most of the match up and that hurt us, we’d still manage to kill one of his characters but with no Claim 2 quests in our plot decks it really wasn’t doing much. Once I got Sansa Stark out though, my power pool started to grow and then I added Eddard to the army and we were rolling. But Jonathon managed to get me to run out of cards before we could either of us get to 15 power, and at game’s end we were both at 12 power. I dug it and like I said last week, once you know those cards and play it a few times, the game is going to move a lot faster and be even more enjoyable, I just have to find people to play with. I’m pretty sure that Jonathon is in, I’m not sure if he’ll buy more than one core, I have two and a third is on the way. I should have known better than to jump into this, unlike Small World above, this one just calls to that completionist or obsessive inside me. I have no need for three boxes, but I want to be able to build the best decks I can possibly build, even if I am only ever playing friends and never competing in a tournament or anything. I’m trying my best to not check the websites and search for decks, I’m going to try to do this a little on my own, just build a deck or two and see how they play, adjust and play some more, hopefully. I have only built one full deck so far, and I’ll post a link to it for anyone to check out. Please, feel free to go over it and tell me what I did wrong or even what I did correct, if I did anything correctly. It’s a Night’s Watch/Martell deck. I’m still learning the lingo so I think it would technically be a Martell Banner deck or something like that, I don’t know, I’ve still got a lot of learning to do with it I think, but at least it’s one that I’m willing to do that with.

No games were played the rest of the week as most of the time was just spent making sure that Gabby, AnnaBeth and I didn’t get in any trouble. But Saturday night we guilted Gabby out of her room long enough for her to play three games with us, starting with the new game from Talon Strikes Studios, KingPins. Jason reached out to me and asked if we wanted to give this one a spin and after looking at it a bit on BGG, I said sure, why not, it looked like fun, and it was. If you are familiar with Jason and Talon Strikes, you’ve probably seen his artwork and the Kickstarter game from last year, Hooch. Now Hooch didn’t make it, funding came up short, but the Hooch “universe” lives on in Kingpins. Kingpins is a really cool little hand management game where you are playing cards to a center area of the table and the object is to be the person who runs out of cards to end the round. If you have cards left in your hand you score those cards, you want to have the lowest score possible after five rounds. In the rules, each player is dealt five cards, but we played with the rules as Jason told us and played with 6 cards per player. In the center you have a draw deck and at the North, South, East and West locations around the draw deck you have cards flipped upright for you to build on in a solitaire like way, alternating colors and one lower value. The cards number from 1-12 and they are either black or red suited and most have some kind of “power” on them that you take after you play out the card. The 12s are the only cards that can be played in different spots, those can go in between the existing rows to start new rows, the 12s are called the Kingpins. On each players turn they can do as many actions as they possibly can, playing cards from their hand and taking the actions, moving rows from one to the other to create empty spaces that can be filled by the active player with any card they want to re-start that row with. There are cards that give you the ability to build under the row, these are Femme Fatale cards, you gain them by playing an 11. I’m sure there are probably other games around that do this kind of thing, I’m just not the card gamer to know what they are. But what those games don’t have is the theme and the cool touch of naming each and every card after someone different. It’s kind of fun to see that. For example the four Kingpins are Matt “The Virus” Leacock, Scott “Godfather” Almes, Benny “The Fish” Pinchback and Matt “Big Daddy” Riddle. I’m not going to say too much more other than I won our game this weekend, with me having 8, Kerensa having 11 and Gabby having 26 points(she got stuck with a couple 12s and that hurt her). I hope get a few more plays in and I think we’ll try to give this one the What Did You Play This Week review treatment with photos and everything. I think Jason is planning on selling this one on Drive Thru Cards, I will update folks when it’s available and such, but I think it should be pretty soon.

Now, speaking of Pinchback and Riddle, it’s time for Eric Booth to join us with another review. This week Eric takes a look at a game that was on Kickstarter just a few months ago and is already in backers hands. It’s one that I initially was backing but then backed out on because I just wasn’t sure about the game play after reading the rule book, well, let’s see if I regret that decision, take it away Eric!

Eric's review  can be found at the 15:00 mark of the podcast!

Thanks for that Eric, I was kind of worried about Floating Market at the lower player counts which is one of the things that popped out at me in the review, but I’m really happy to hear that it really plays well at the bigger player counts, I hope to get a chance to play it sometime soon, but I’m assuming my first chance will be at Geekway next year. I’m not sure how many copies will be available retail because if I’m not mistaken, the Kickstarter was for a limited amount of games to be in print, but I’ll have to double check later or maybe even we’ll get Matt and Ben to chime in.

Alright, next up on Saturday evening, Gabby asked for a play of Game of 49. I covered Game of 49 way back in the podcast, but I’m having trouble locating when that was due to me being a doof and not doing both the blog and the podcast at the same time for a while. It took me a bit to realize that the blog would be useful too as folks don’t always have time to have things stuck in their ears, but could usually read. See it pays to be a forward thinker sometimes, I just wish that was me more often. Anyway, here goes.

The Game of 49 is an auction game where the players are trying to connect 4 of their chips in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order to win the game, with 5 players they are trying to connect 3 in a row, on a board of 49 spaces, each with a number from 1-49.

At the start of the game everyone will receive all of their chips in their chosen color and $49. From this point on all money should become hidden information.

When we chose the first player we'll give them the deck of cards and the game can get going. Once the player flips the first card we'll explain what the cards are. The card flipped can be one of three types of cards, a regular card with a single number, a wild/payoff card and a wild49/payoff card. The cards with a single number are auctioned off for that specific spot on the board. The wild/payoff cards are auctioned off for a space in the designated number range and after placing the chip, everyone gets paid $7 per chip they have on the board up to $49. The Wild49/Payoff card is a bit different. The 49 spot on the board is the only space on the board that you can displace another players chip, if you win the auction for this spot and the space is empty go ahead and place your chip in the center square. If there is another color chip there, remove it from the board and give it back to that player and place your chip in that space. If you already have possession of the space and you win the auction go ahead and place a chip on a space of your choice. After placing the chip a payout follows.

The auction is run clockwise starting with the player who flipped the card. If you pass you are out of the auction, you cannot re-enter if the bid makes it around to you. There is a penalty as well for overbidding. If you win a bid after bidding more money than you have, you immediately remove a chip of your color from the board. The spot that was previously auctioned is then re-auctioned. The winner of the auction places their chip on the space they win or the space that they choose within the range on the wild card and the deck of cards is passed to the next player clockwise and another auction is started.

When someone connects their 4 number of spots in a row, they win the game, if for some reason no one has connected the correct amount of spots and the deck runs out, the person with the most chips is the winner, if there is a tie, then the person among those who tied that has the most money is the winner, if there is still a tie, the player with the highest numbered spot occupied, among the players still tied, on the board is declared the winner.

This one actually went pretty quickly, we’ve had games of this that are pretty hard fought and you get a lot of the board covered, but I think at the end of this one I only had 7 total chips on the board and could still afford to outbid everyone to get that last spot I needed. For such a simple auction game this one gives Kerensa fits, I think it just drives her crazy trying to give a value to each square, and she said as much after the game, but I’m just glad that Gabby likes this one as I do too. And needless to say this one is better with more players than fewer.

So we finished out the night with another one that hasn’t been on the table for quite a while, although I have played it online fairly recently. We broke out Takenoko for another spin. This is one of Gabby’s favorites, which is why when we play, we have the privilege of playing the big collector’s edition, even if that die scares the heck out of me, it really could hurt someone, I’m just sayin. Anyway, this one we started playing back in 2012, and back then the rules weren’t always as clear to me as they should be and also we made some changes in how we played to allow Gabby a bit of leeway. I only say that because minus online plays, this may be the first time we’ve sat down and played getting the rules 100% correct from the rulebook, it’s not that the rules were difficult, it’s just that they are so ingrained in my head incorrectly that it kind of felt like playing a new game. I’m really glad we played this again, it’s whimsical and it’s a lot of fun, even if the plot cards can be a bit easier to fulfill than the others. I won this 38-35-32, once again, even with Gabby triggering the end game by getting that eighth card completed, she finished in last place. Seems she has the same problem as me when it comes to game with this kind of game ending. Pastiche has always given me fits, I don’t think I’ve won a game of it yet even though I do tend to trigger game end usually.

That’s it, that’s all the games that got on our table this week. James, Bill and I are slowly working our way through a game of Palaces of Carrara over on Board Game Arena and I am still working through an online game of Castles of Burgundy over on Boiteajeux with Bill Corey. Oh, and Season 9 of the Terra Mystica Tour is ongoing over at Terra.Snellman. I’ve finished one game in which I came in third, once again, big lead at the beginning but the engine always falters, it just never has clicked for me even though I have played it now 23 official times, although I think there are a few games I haven’t bothered to log. Competition over there though is really good and most everyone involved really know what they are doing, so I’m pretty outclassed that way as I am still way too much of a seat of my pants gamer, although I am trying to change that.

Star Realms season has wrapped up and I managed to fight back to an even 5-5 but that last game I just got beat to the punch by one round and lost, we both had some big turns and I probably wasted a round picking up the Freighter a second time when I probably should have just went attack since nothing in the buy row was very expensive, I think I saw one card that was value 7, the rest were lower than that. But you live and you learn. Now we have to wait and see to find out who is dropping down as there is a cluster of us at 5-6 this season. I will say, that even though my plays have been going better, I do still get humbled whenever Chris or Dustin challenge me to a match up. They just know exactly what to buy everytime and stomp all over me. Thanks for the challenges!! Keep ‘em coming to Vacabck.

Speaking of apps, that’s what I play Star Realms on. Patrick is back with us this week to give us a review of a classic, well, a classic that is getting that digital retouch that it deserves. So, does the number 56 game on Board Game Geek get the love it deserves in the digital world? Let’s find out, take it away Patrick!

Patrick's Steam review can be heard at the 32:10 mark of the podcast!

I’ll confess, I’ve got Age of Steam and Railways of the World sitting on our shelves unloved. I need to really remedy that. And I’ll also be picking up the Steam app as soon as it’s available on iOS as well. Sounds like a winner, thanks Patrick!

Kickstarter We’re not going to talk a lot about Kickstarter this week, I am only really going to remind folks that World’s Fair 1893 ends its Kickstarter campaign on October 28th at 3pm CDT. Currently sitting at $36,700 I really can’t wait to see what the last 3 days mean for the campaign. It’s been a lot of fun promoting it, and it’s been even more fun playing it. So one more time we’re going to give it our thumbs up. The review is stickied on the blog, be sure to check it out if you want to know more of what we think about it.

Link to World's Fair 1893 Kickstarter Page

Podcasts Well, it seems that another podcast that I really enjoy listening to is going on a hiatus. Scheduling conflicts and trying to focus on the part of the hobby that’s most important, the actual gaming, seem to be the biggest reasons for the Punching Cardboard podcast leaving us for now. Jim and Eric have been around on the podcast for coming up on two years. Somehow that very first episode landed in my feed and I listened to it and stuck around for the better part of two years, I only remember skipping maybe a handful of episodes. If you go to their guild over on Board Game Geek and check out the member list and then sort it by date joined and check the last page, you’ll see that while Kristin, Jim and Eric are the first members, right after them is me. I don’t remember what drew me to the podcast at first, but I know why I stuck around. I honestly don’t think there is a gaming podcast I’ve listened to that I’ve laughed out loud more with than this one. They give their opinions and they pull no punches and even when there is a game that they dislike that I enjoy, I love hearing their reasoning behind it, and they always gave clear, well thought out reasons. In recent months their podcast has grown to include talk about whisky and music, which I know a lot of people disliked, but I loved it. We have plenty of gaming podcasts that strictly talk about gaming, it was nice to have someone talk about Patterson Hood and Jason Isbell and then introduce me to Polis and a Scotch I may never have the chance to drink. It was like sitting down and listening to two old friends catch up after a couple weeks away. Hopefully this isn’t the end, but just a pause, because the board game media needs guys like this, the curmudgeons with a critical eye a lot more than they need more folks who are just going to be yes men or women. So, I’ll raise a glass of Lagavulin 16 and say thank you Eric, Jim and Kristin. I hope to hear you all again soon.

Acquisitions If you follow the blog I post every once in a while over on Board Game Geek, you’ve already seen the big arrival this week, and when I say big, I mean big. On Wednesday afternoon while I was home with the kiddos after they had an early release from school, The Gallerist landed on our doorstep with a thud. You can see photos over on Board Game Geek if you want to check them out, I’ll post a link after this section, but I’ll just sum it up real quick, it was like a piece of art was delivered, a piece of art that I could play with and try to melt my brain with. I didn’t get a play in this week, no one was up for it, but I did open it all and carefully punch out all the cardboard, with my exacto knife and clippers nearby if needed and then I went through the rules and set it up for a four player game just to see what it looked like on the table. I’ve read the rules and they seem really well written, I think Vital is getting better and better at that each game, which has to be a difficult thing to do with games as dense and intricate as he makes, but with the help of some great proofreaders and some rules gurus it looks like this one will be easily learned by most from the book instead of having to resort to other methods. But anyway, enough gushing about a game I haven’t even played yet, what the heck is wrong with me.

Also arriving this week on Saturday was a pre-order that I had until recently forgotten about, The Golden Ages. I was reminded that I ordered it when Fedex sent me a message saying that a package was on the way. I picked this one up thinking that maybe it was a Civ game that I could get Kerensa or Gabby to play with me, Gabby at this point is a reach, but I think Kerensa might enjoy it if she’ll sit down and give it a shot, I just have to pick the right time and the right place. But I’m super excited to give it a try and I’m thankful that Stronghold Games brought this one over.

If folks aren’t aware of it, there is a tool that’s used a lot over on Board Game Geek by people like me who track nearly every play and like to know the stats of those plays. That tool is called friendlessstats. I’ll put a link at the end of this section for the blog and also on the notes for the podcast. But what friendless does is it gives you way too much information about your plays. What I’ve particularly been noticing, as you can tell by the podcast this week, is how long it sometimes is between plays of games. Two and a half years for Small World a year and a half for Takenoko. That all falls under the collection management tab of Friendless under the Games you should play that you own. What I’m going to do is I am going to put my shame list, my shame list is not unplayed games in my collection, there’s nothing shameful about that, my shame list is this list of games that haven’t been played in forever. Here are the fifteen games in our collection that have currently gone the longest between plays.

This is a link to my Friendless Stats Page, if you insert your BGG username in place of mine, it should direct you to your page or give instructions to email the tool's creator to get added.

15) Pandemic-688 days since our last play. Now folks can see why I am just not that excited about Pandemic Legacy. I’m sure that it’s a fantastic and fun game just like everyone says but Pandemic has never been a coop that anyone in the family has ever asked to play.

14) Hey, That’s My Fish-706 days since our last play. Honestly, this one is a really fun game and the girls like it, but it’s such a pain in the butt to set up each time and I think that we’ve lost two of the penguins, but still, that’s no excuse to not play this one.

13) Morels-729 days since our last play. I think honestly, that I wanted to like Morels more than we really did. It’s a very beautiful and unique game, but there really isn’t a lot there. Plus, I’ve always been disappointed when I break it out and we don’t have the cool wooden sticks and the pans.

12) Letters from Whitechapel-786 days since our last play. This one is just theme I think. Both Kerensa and I really liked this one when we played it as a two player game. But it’s not really something that we want to necessarily break out with company or with our daughter, that’s why it has suffered I think. Should probably think about replacing this one with something like Scotland Yard or even the new Spectre Ops but I really like Letters and don’t want to replace it.

11) Legends of Andor-799 days since our last play. I have no excuse that’s worth saying, I loved this game when I played it but we just haven’t gotten it back to the table, this one actually makes me a littls sad.

10) Evo-804 days since our last play. I bought this in auction because I hoped it would play better two player than Small World would, but as far as I can remember, it didn’t.

9) Great Heartland Hauling Co.-832 days since our last play. Another one that doesn’t have any excuse to not get to the table except that we just have too many games. Last time we played this one was on a camp out I believe by lantern light and I really dig the game quite a bit.

8) Viticulture-856 days since our last play. Stupid excuse for this is that we have the first edition and have never bothered to upgrade to at least include the Grande workers which seem almost necessary to me to play this one. Better excuse is that Kerensa is still bitter about our last four player game in which Brad and Kate played with us and complained about the game the entire time and then Kate ended up winning. But honestly, it really should be played, upgraded or not.

7) Bohnanza-897 days since our last play. This one is more of a lack of players, I just don’t like it with two or three players which are the player counts that we play more than any other. Might be a good silly game to teach my parents though if I could ever get them to sit down and learn a fun little game.

6) Click Clack Lumberjack-897 days since our last play. Hmmm, that seems a natural fit, we played Bohnanza and Click Clack Lumberjack on the same day 897 days ago. This one doesn’t belong on the list, it’s been played I’m sure, we just haven’t logged any of them since it’s really just silly fun and we don’t keep score for the most part.

5) Fresco-911 days since our last play. This one kind of stunned me, I could have sworn that we had played this one but I guess we hadn’t since I know I would have logged a play. I love the waking up mechanism in this one and the game in general is really cool. Might have to change this one soon, wonder how it plays with two.

4) Snake Oil-1029 days since our last play. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Fun party game that requires as many people as possible to be fun. I remember playing this and laughing a lot. Need to find a party.

3) Tsuro-1213 days since our last play. Flat out it got replaced by Indigo. That’s all I can think of. Sure Tsuro plays more people, but when do we need to play with more than four? We don’t more often than not.

2) Super Dungeon Explore-1291 days since our last play. I don’t know, I wanted to like this game, I wanted to play this game a lot, I wanted to paint these awesome figures, but it just never works out. This was the game that I was going to use to try to hook the group that turned into the D&D group that I talked about last year. We played this twice, both times with more people than the game naturally supports and both times we played it I’m sure we fudged rule after rule, but we had fun, but after those plays no one really wanted to play anymore and my efforts to pique my interest in miniature painting with the game fizzled pretty quickly when I realized I don’t have the hands or eyes to do that anymore. So now it sits, with all the figures primed and a handful poorly painted. I couldn’t sell it or trade it at this point so it will just always sit here and taunt me I have a feeling.

1) A Game of Thrones-The Board Game(2nd Edition)-1339 days since our last play. This one is better summed up with one of my first blog posts over on Board Game Geek, on February 27, 2012. Oh, I was so young, so naïve, haha. Myself and my family have been having regular Friday night game nights for a couple months now, but this Saturday my wife and I hosted our first game night that involved a table full of "adults".

We started preparations about 2 weeks ago when I sent out the invite to the respective houses, along with the invite I did send along the pdf of the rules and the 36 minute primer video that I had found helpful when deciding getting and ultimately playing this game. The video was met with some resistance, but everyone followed through and we had a general overview of the game before we started at 7:00 pm on Saturday night. Eight hours later, that video was just a distant memory.

We will start by saying, none of us have played this game before and being relatively new to board gaming, it was my first time trying to lead/instruct a group that consisted of someone other than my daughter or wife. Many rules were discussed, and then discussed again and then discussed a few more times while playing. We hammered through a 10 round game with none of us getting over 5 castles until the end when House Stark broke through for the 6th castle and the win. Seems we all abandoned the middle in our pursuit of the rich lands to the south and the north. Our ships were underutilized and I think we all realized that as we stared blankly at the board at 3 am, discussing what had just happened and trying to figure out when we could do it again.

Many adult beverages were consumed, much food was eaten and a good time was had by all, even though we got frustrated every now and then with the way the rules were worded and how the rule book was put together. But with all of us working to figure out our problems, the discussions never really took that long.

I'm jumping right back into the fire on Friday and hosting a night of Super Dungeon Explore for a group of friends that have a pretty decent background in pen and paper RPG's, of which I have none. We'll see where that goes.

I have tried a couple times to get that same group back together to play AGoT, but something always gets in the way, someone can’t make it or we just decided to do something else. But maybe we should never play it again, as that night was absolutely one of the best gaming nights I’ve ever had.

Gonna wrap up the show there, I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thank you to Patrick and Eric for once again doing something for this show just because they want to do it and enjoy doing it. Also, thank you to AnnaBeth for starting her new segment that I hope everyone enjoys and thank you to Kerensa for joining me as well, I’m really hoping we’ll find a way to make Kerensa a regular on here and maybe get her to do the game rundown with me instead of doubling up.

If anyone else wants to join us, please feel free to contact me and we’ll see what we can do. I’ve said it since I started doing this, the more voices the better, I think we reach more people that way. In the coming weeks the 1 year anniversary of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast will be rolling around, that makes me really happy. It’s funny to listen to those first episodes and then listen to these, I think we’ve grown a little bit. For that 1 year anniversary I am hoping that I can get Patrick, Eric, Chris and Joe together with me and we can have a little round table discussion about gaming. Just a sit down chat and we’ll see how that goes. I love those big ensemble podcasts, but I dread editing those bad boys too. If anyone is interested in jumping into the round table, I think we’d be happy to have a couple folks on to talk with us about gaming.

Thank you all for listening, be sure to jump into the Geeklist over on Board Game Geek or if you are more comfortable, join in the thread! Have a great week everyone!

Week 49!!!

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