Time for a little change


First things first, I will always, and I mean always, post the updated podcast on Mondays, or at least try to. But what I want to do is turn the blog into something a bit different, something more "bloggish" and not just a receptacle for my podcast notes. So, from here on out, this blog may be a bit more active, I'm not sure yet, it just depends on what ideas pop into my head and what makes the journey from there to this page.

I'm going to try to dip my hands into more written reviews here and let Eric and whoever else wants to do a lot of the reviews, do them. I'll still do short ones on the podcast during our what did you play segment, and I'll still do previews for Kickstarter projects that I really want to endorse both here and on the podcast, but I want to do more written reviews of retail games as well, I kind of feel like I've started to ignore them even though our collection is primarily retail oriented. I love Kickstarter, but man, we have so many games and so little time.

You may see a video, you may not. It all just depends on what they look like if I shoot one and if I have some ideas for video. I may be more active on Periscope, I may not. I like the app, but I'm just not sure that it's something folks would want to see.

In short, something is changing, but the blog is not going anywhere, so if you enjoy the blog, you'll still get to enjoy the blog, just in a different way.

Be sure to let me know what you thought of the newest episode. Kerensa took a big leap in coming on and basically becoming a co-host with me this week, although she'd probably tell you that I'm the co-host and you all are listening to hear her.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute in any way to the show, let me know, I love having Eric, Patrick, Joe and Chris on doing segments, it really makes the show a bit different in my mind than what you get elsewhere from different podcasts. We may not give you 45 minutes about a single game or topic, but we touch on an awful lot in our 30-60 minutes every hour I think. In the future on the show we have a 1 year anniversary episode coming and for that I'm getting together the group for a round table discussion about what we've been playing and about topics in the board gaming world that interest us. In honesty I'm hoping to do that every couple months or so and see what happens. Also, we may have a new contributor joining our ranks, he's just trying to tweak his idea a little bit and get it ready to go, so I'm looking forward to that as well!

Things are looking good leading into Year 2 of the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing and Blog.

Week 52!!!

Week 48!!!