[embed]http://traffic.libsyn.com/wdyptwbra/Week_58_Complete.mp3[/embed] Alright, we're not calling this a resolution, but we'll call this an attempt to blog a bit more.

The holidays were fantastic, but they are always busy, if you ask AnnaBeth she'll tell you that we had 6 Christmas celebrations and we all looked forward to each and every one of them and always had a fantastic time. But sandwiched in there was a fantastic mountain vacation and we spent that with family as well, but we had no plans, no schedule, we just went and did what we wanted and most importantly, we relaxed. It was a great way to refuel for the upcoming year, which is now upon us. I am looking forward to what we're going to do both personally as a family and what we're also going to be doing as a podcast family, I have lots of ideas that I hope to try out and get working this year.

We've got a couple Kickstarter previews lined up that should be coming our way and thus your way. We've got our 10x10 Challenge to look forward to and hopefully do a written review of each game as we play them. I want to dig in deeper into our collection and play games more often, rather than play more games. I want to do some more interviews on the podcast, I really enjoy doing them but they are out of my comfort zone, so I'm hoping we can do more of those so I can get more practiced and also provide more content for everyone who listens. I want Gabby to join us more often, but that may be the biggest challenge of the year. I also want to interact with folks who listen more and do more fun things with the show. So I'm going to try to be more active on Facebook and the Board Game Geek Guild so click over there and join!

Personally, I am going to try to drop some weight, 260 for me is entirely too heavy and quite honestly isn't healthy.  We're going to work on fixing up our house and get it together enough to possibly be that family that likes to actually have people over to visit and have some game nights or just nights with friends. Just lots of things that we want to do in 2016 and I am actually looking forward to this year more than I have previous years.  Let's do this!

Here is what is on the Week 58 podcast:

Hey we're back, I hope everyone who listened last week enjoyed the show, but we're back to regularly scheduled programming once again.

AnnaBeth is back with a story

Kerensa and I talk about


Smart Ass



Eric is back with a much more impressive What He Played segment than what we had

Fields of Arle

7 Wonders Duel


Ora et Labora

Champions of Midguard

Warhammer Quest: TACG


Derek continues his evolving review of Mage Knight and talks a bit about his 10x10 thoughts.

And Patrick closes us out with a review of the Kingdom Builder app and some other fun stuff.



First Play Thoughts on Patchwork

Week 52!!!