Imperial Assault Insert from The Broken Token

Imperial Assault Insert from The Broken Token

WDYPTW Note-I've been trying to get more of the family into reviewing things and talking board games, and one of them finally took the bait!! YEAH!!!! A Review by Brad Morrow

So for Christmas I got The Broken Token Imperial Assault Organizer and when Brandon asked me to give a review on it I figured I would give it a go.

I have had my copy of Imperial Assault since last Christmas and have enjoyed the game itself but had been slightly frustrated with how difficult it is to store all of the components and have them easily accessible while playing the game. About a month after I got Imperial Assault I did some measuring and DIY’d foam board inserts, bought some Plano boxes and even found a website to create my own custom card boxes. The biggest issue with this was the more Ally and Villain packs I got the less room in my card boxes and custom foam board inserts I had. So when talking to Brandon about possible ways to better organize it he suggested checking out Broken Token.

The Before Image

After checking out The Broken Token’s website and looking at the insert, I thought it looked like a really good solution to my storage issues so I put it on my wishlist. On Christmas I was happy to see that I had received it as a gift and couldn't wait to put it together, luckily I was able to work on it the night after Christmas. I unwrapped the set to take a look at what I was getting myself into. The set contained 15 sheets of Baltic Birch with lots and lots of pre-cut/etched pieces and an instruction booklet. I grabbed a TV tray to get setup and started looking through the instructions, they seemed pretty straightforward. They included diagrams of all the sheets of wood and then letters assigned to each piece. On this particular set the letters range from A - MM, with some being duplicates since there are actually 83 pieces to punch out.


I began on step one because that's the smart thing to do. I had heard both good and bad things about this part of the process. The bad was while punching out the pieces of wood you could end up breaking or splintering something. The other thing I heard was that when putting together not all the pieces would fit quite right. The instructions themselves did “Note: Some glue may be required when assembling the token trays.” Luckily, with the exception of one small piece I did not have any of these issues. As far as the punching out went I did not run into any issues since I went against my normal demeanor and was patient which I believe helped. In the end I had no problems with pieces coming out with any kind of splintering or malformations.

One thing I feel I should mention is that as I was putting together the trays, there was an unexpected loud click when I snapped pieces together. It was a scary click and was very loud and my wife even commented that she's thought I was breaking the pieces as I was putting them together. Luckily, I was not breaking them and they were just snapping together with a snap tight fit. All the pieces that snapped together seem to hold with plenty of tightness with the exception of a couple pieces, specifically the divider section for the mini figs, that slid together so that you can adjust sizes. You can take them apart in case you change the size you want to allocate to a figure. I ended up doing this after getting all of my figures out and packing them in the new storage trays. After getting that first tray put together I was giddy with excitement at the outcome; I smiled, looked at my wife and said “check this out!”

Check This Out!!

I continued piece by piece, section by section putting together my new organizer. Everything was going smooth and working out just fine until I had to turn to the back page of the instruction booklet. It's not that the instructions were poorly written or confusing it's just that the guide showing which pieces to punch out was on the inside of the manual. So when the next piece I needed was piece AA, I would have to flip to the inside of the booklet to find out which piece of wood contained the AA piece so I could punch it out. So essentially you have to flip back-and-forth between pages for the rest of the instructions. Personally, I feel like there could be some better ways to do this. Either by printing all the instructions on one piece or one side of the piece of paper or I guess during setup you could mark out with a pen next to all the pieces their respective letters. I did mention this earlier, but I'll mention it again now that there were duplicates of each piece so you may have two or three B pieces but might have just one D piece but then C has four pieces, so there were quite a few pieces to search through and correctly identify. Nonetheless, once I got past the flipping back-and-forth between the back page and the inside I kind of got into the groove of finding all the correct parts and then punching them out and setting them in small stacks. I could then easily take the small stacks following the nicely drawn instructions to put together the next set of pieces.

All in the Box

I continued through this process relatively easily and I think the overall process took me less than an hour to do. That includes small breaks for watching TV, taking sips of soda and talking with my wife. I then began to take apart my current setup of Imperial Assault organization. Once that was done and after looking at the instructions again to see the proper stacking alignment of the multiple different trays I was able to put all my pieces into all the trays. Then with some slight adjustments for storage of the cards, of the cardholder tray, and the trays that hold the figures I was able to get everything I had into all the organizational pieces. As a side note I own the base set and then six expansion packs, including Stormtroopers and the Hired Guns set both of which have multiple figures, not just single figures like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. I was easily able to fit quite a few more cards into this organizational box. I then stacked them and put them into the original game box and except for a little bit of space needed for instruction manuals and expansion side missions/skirmish mission inserts that come with the expansion packs, the box lid fit like a glove.

Box Closed

Overall, I am very pleased with this product and would recommend this for anyone that plans on expanding their base set of Imperial Assault. I am also looking forward to possibly trying out some of their card holders if I can find the size I need to accommodate all of my X-wing expansion.


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