Cult of the News - September Edition

Cult of the News - September Edition

The Cult of the News is a monthly feature covering notable game releases, crowdfunding news, social media tidbits, and other interesting news from around the board game industry. 

Game Announcements:

  • Pandemic Rising Tide, available in “late 2017.” The announcement was overshadowed by the unfortunate timing of the announcement in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which the company apologized for in a statement on Facebook.

  • Azul, the second game to be released by Plan B Games, will be coming out on October 26 at Essen Spiel.

  • Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game. Not the original game, which also has dice, but a new roll-and-write style dice game, which is expected to be released at Essen.

  • Fantasy Flight announces a revised core set for Android: Netrunner, which "establishes the new baseline for Android: Netrunner," but "does not introduce any new cards to the game."

  • A second edition of Kingsburg is “coming,” and will contain the expansion material from the To Forge a Realm expansion from the original edition of Kingsburg.

  • Dragon Island, published by R&R Games, is released at retail. Designer Mike Fitzgerald gives an insightful designer diary on his process creating the game.

  • Greater Than Games sells out of Spirit Island and Lazer Ryders. Second printings of both are scheduled for “mid-December delivery.”

  • GMT tweets: "For you 18xx fans, Andy says we can say that we're looking to add two 18xx games to P500 sometime in the coming months. One will be a GMT-version of a hard-to-get game, like 1846 was. The other will be an unpublished game. Months, not years, to P500."



  • Designer/developer Daryl Andrews writes on Facebook: “Well its official... I am looking for additional work starting Oct 1st. If you got game design, development, or other game industry needs - hit me up! (Also want to clarify - my experience consulting for IDW Games the last year has been wonderful. I wish them all the best.)”

  • Mike Primeau from Knights at the Game Table launches the Path of Play initiative. More information can be found on the Path of Play website and the Facebook group.

  • Botch Games podcast about journalistic integrity creates a controversy on BGG.
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