Caveat Emptor: The Kickstarter Roundup

Caveat Emptor: The Kickstarter Roundup

Caveat Emptor

Kickstarter Highlights for the Week of November 3, 2017 - November 9, 2017

(All listed times are US Central)

Kids on Bikes.jpg

Kids on Bikes

By Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour)

Campaign Ends on November 28, 2017 at 8:15 AM

Choose your OWN destiny in this storytelling rules-light tabletop role-playing game where adventure is a bike ride away!

This is, Stranger Things the RPG, there is no way getting around that, and that's fine with me. I missed out on Tales from the Loop a couple years back because I was afraid that I would just be buying a book that would never be played, I would just read it and hope I could find a group, but I think with everyone in my family enjoying the heck out of Stranger Things this might stand a chance, we'll see. $35 for a Hardcover RPG with tons of modules and info seems like a bargain to me. The rule set promises to be easy and I love the idea of how the dice will be used in this one. Plus, it's Jon Gilmour, so we had to back it. 

Mars Open.png

Mars Open

By Dennis Hoyle

Campaign Ends on December 4, 2017 at 8:01 PM

Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes 27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!) 



One word: Fun. That's what Mars Open looks like, fun. What it is, is a simple flicking golf game that has taken board game form. You have golf "balls" which are specially folded cards and you have a hole. What's in between is the fun. I love Pitch Car, but 3/4s of that fun is coming up with the ridiculous tracks, and in Mars Open it looks like half the fun here is going to be coming up with different ways to build holes using the obstacles in the box and on your table. This one should be filed under "Why Didn't I Think Of That". I'm ready to do some flicking and seeing how many "trick" shots we can learn. 



By Jason Tagmire

Campaign Ends on November 18, 2017 at 10:59 AM

A resource management game with multi-use cards and crafty combo engine building. Only $10! Plus new games: Kintsugi & In Vino Morte.

Jason and the crew over at Button Shy Games, which may only be Jason now, I'm not sure. Have made it a habit to have a really tempting quarterly Kickstarter, and right now, it's HeroTec along with Kintsugi Vino Morte. In HeroTec you are managing resources to best outfit a super hero. In Kintsugi you are repairing broken pottery and Vino Morte is a 3-8 player party game where you have to decide to drink or not to drink after seeing your fellow guests drop like flies. In theory, I love these Wallet Games, but they just don't get played by me or my group, which is weird, but it's the sad fact. I am tempted by these though, and who knows, my Wallet Games stack may end up growing again. 




By Corey Wright

Campaign Ends on December 7, 2017 at 11:00 PM

18 inches tall. Hundreds of pieces. 120 mountain combos. 1-6 players. This is a mountain anyone can climb!

Holy Cow! It's an actual mountain on your table!!! And it SPINS!! Okay, all obnoxious fake excitement aside, this does LOOK interesting, but does it play interesting? I just don't know, all the blurbs seem to focus on the look of the game and not on actual game play, so that just leaves me to read the rule book and who has time for that right now with Essen Spiel '17 titles to learn. But damn it looks interesting. $75 is too steep for me to take a leap of faith on, I hope I regret it. 




By Robert Dougherty

Campaign Ends on December 7, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Sorcerer is a dark fantasy game that melds the best elements of a strategy card game with a tactical board game.


What is with these Kickstarter campaigns where you can buy a lesser version of the game for cheap, but the version with everything you could ever want feels exorbitantly expensive. That's the case here with Sorcerer, for me at least. $45 here gets you the base game and stretch goals, but $75 gets you the 6 extra expansion packs. You see, this is done by the same company as Star Realms Hero Realms. The game play sounds interesting and the play looks like it could be a lot of fun, but I'd like to see some more info on it from outside sources rather than just from the creator. But, it is funded and had a fairly high funding goal as well at $100k so lets see if those stretch goals start rolling in and keep the momentum up. 


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