April 1st: Some additional news... (Chris Wray)

April 1st: Some additional news... (Chris Wray)

We've had some additional breaking gaming news over the course of the day.  This is done in honor of April Fool's Day and is meant to be good-natured fun.


Stronghold Games Announces Great Western Trail Expansion for Terraforming Mars

Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games, recently announced on his podcast, Board Game Insider, the Great Western Trail Expansion for Terraforming Mars.

“Why not combine two of our bestsellers?” pondered Buonocore.  “I’ve always loved a good space western!”  Both 2016 games have been smash hits among hobby gamers, with Terraforming Mars sitting at #5 in the BGG rankings, and Great Western Trail sitting at #9.

In the expansion, Noctis City is the new Kansas City, with players shipping cattle and other animals west.  GWT’s cowboys are now “space cowboys,” engineers are now “rocket scientists,” and craftsmen are now “terraforming generalists.” 

The hazard tiles from Great Western Trail are also represented, with new ones featuring sandstorms, or the remains of Matt Damon’s escape from Mars.


Kickstarter Previewer Actually Enjoys Game He Endorsed

In a shocking twist for the gaming community, a Kickstarter previewer actually enjoyed a game he endorsed in his video preview.

“It’s genuinely good,” said the previewer.  “I suddenly found myself with an ethical dilemma: normally I get paid for slapping my seal of approval on the latest Kickstarter drivel, but this time, I actually liked the game.  Do I have to return my preview fee?”

The previewer’s game group breathed a sigh of relief.  One member asked the question on everybody’s mind: “Has he finally got enough of a following to get good games to cover?”

The previewer has vowed to play more games he actually liked.  “I had forgotten why I had gotten into gaming.  Recent months have been a whirlwind of stretch goals, crappy prototypes, and countless questions of whether I’m paid for reviews.”

In a further development, the previewer actually backed the game, which he described as a personal first.  “I even created a Kickstarter account!”



Bezier Announces New York Slice Legacy

Designers Jeff Allers and Rob Daviau created New York Slice Legacy, the first legacy game that lets you play with your food.  The video is hilarious!


Renegade Announces New Miniature Line

"Renegade Game Studios is excited to reveal a new line of games to their catalog, Miniature Games.  Each game in this new series will be identical to their full-sized counterparts but will be approximately 1/4 the size in every dimension. Premiering at Gen Con, these games will also include an optional accessory kit that offers tools to help fans take full advantage of their new tiny games.


Stronghold Announces "Fields of Mars"

Stronghold beat me to the punch this morning with a joke about a mashup of their games, tweeting a box image for "Fields of Mars," a mix of hits "Terraforming Mars" and "Fields of Green."  



A Shameless Plug for My Other April 1 Headlines

My other posts at The Opinionated Gamers features three additional headlines: "Cardboard Component Causes Countless Complaints", "'Flumoxing': Friedemann Friese Fears Finishing Fs," and "Toni Alspach Exasperated by Ted’s Recent Additions to Family Home".


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