Who Did It? (Brandon Kempf)

Who Did It? (Brandon Kempf)

Who Did It?

Designed by Jonathan Favre-Godal

Art by Steeve Augier

Published by Blue Orange Games

The What Did You Play This Week Podcact was provided with a review copy of Who Did It? by the publisher, Blue Orange Games, in return for a review.

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It’s summertime, or at least it feels like it. Who wants to be outside, in all of this heat and humidity and just awfulness. So why not stay inside, with all the pets? Oh what’s that? Darn it, I swore we had these things house trained! Who Did It? Who pooped in the living room?



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Who Did It? is a memory game for three to six players who are trying to figure out just which pet pooped and left the evidence behind. To do this, each player has a hand of cards in their chosen color and on those each of those cards is one of six pets. At the start of the game, everything is pretty easy, since everyone has the exact same hand of cards, but things start to get a bit tricky pretty quickly. To start the game, the first player will take a pet from their hand and say, “It wasn’t my Cat who pooped, it was someone’s Fish”. Note those animals are interchangeable, you don’t have to start with those two. After this, the game becomes part shedding game, part speed game and big part memory game. The first person to pull the Fish or whatever animal has been accused and place it in the center of the table then gets to be the accuser. You have to be careful though, if you accuse a pet that everyone has gotten rid of, then your pet that you last placed down was the culprit and you are out and you will collect a Poop token. Play will continue in this way until an animal is found guilty because someone place blame incorrectly or if everyone is out of animal cards except for 1 player and that animal left in the player’s hand is the guilty one. The player who has the guilty animal collects a poop token and play resets. When a player has 3 poop tokens, the player with the fewest poop tokens is the winner of Who Did It?.

So, Blue Orange Games sent out an email and in that email was a list of games that they would like to have reviewed. These were all lightweight children's games that would primarily be played by families, so I let my youngest daughter, AnnaBeth (8), pick out the two that we'd like to review. The first one she notices was the one with the packaging that looked like the poop emoji, so we knew that was coming (Pool Party is the other one and we'll have that up next). So with a bit of trepidation I sent the return email requesting the games and here we are, and you know what? I don't regret this one bit. 

Once you get past the scatological humor that is going to happen when playing Who Did It?, what is underneath is actually a clever, quick memory game. Something that can be enjoyed by anyone, including adults who profess to hate memory games and scatological humor, as we found out. The game starts out as a speed game, shedding cards as quick as possible because you have better chances of remembering who still has what pets in their hand, but quickly the game becomes a bit more strategic, with you holding out till you know exactly who to blame and when.  

The art is lighthearted & eye catching with it's bright colors, wonderfully illustrated by Steeve Augier . Between this and my two current North Star Games titles to review, this may be the year of the bag for packaging. 

Is Who Did It? going to be for everyone? No, probably not just due to the poop jokes that are sure to come from playing, but for some this will be a wonderful little memory game to play with their children, or with adults just needing a light-hearted laugh in between those deadly serious games of trading in the Mediterranean. 

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What Did You Play This Week Podcast 167

What Did You Play This Week Podcast 167

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