About Patrick Hillier


Introduce yourself. Where are you from? What should listeners know about you?

I'm from the Dayton, Ohio area. I'm married with a son in college. My day job is an architect.

What games or types of games are you interested in?

I play everything once -- I'm best known for my love of co-ops and thematic games with lots of player interaction where there is a high social dynamic.

Do you have a favorite game or games you enjoy most?

My favorite games are Cribbage, Glory to Rome, El Grande, and Cyclades.

What are some of the most memorable experiences have you had with tabletop board games in the past?

I like to donate to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund and usually donate to the "play with" a podcast or someone "famous" in the community. Those events have always been a lot of fun.

What is the focus of your WDYPTW segment?

I started off, and continue to do Android board game app reviews. I also attend a lot of conventions and like to cover those. As an older gamer, I like to toss in some old "classic" games I think people should be playing along as the new hotness.